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Vintage Ceiling Lamp Living Room Dining Room Wall Light Spin Wooden Lamp

Vintage Ceiling Lamp Living Room Dining Room Wall Light Spin Wooden Lamp
Vintage Ceiling Lamp Living Room Dining Room Wall Light Spin Wooden Lamp
Vintage Ceiling Lamp Living Room Dining Room Wall Light Spin Wooden Lamp
Vintage Ceiling Lamp Living Room Dining Room Wall Light Spin Wooden Lamp
Vintage Ceiling Lamp Living Room Dining Room Wall Light Spin Wooden Lamp
Vintage Ceiling Lamp Living Room Dining Room Wall Light Spin Wooden Lamp
Vintage Ceiling Lamp Living Room Dining Room Wall Light Spin Wooden Lamp

Vintage Ceiling Lamp Living Room Dining Room Wall Light Spin Wooden Lamp   Vintage Ceiling Lamp Living Room Dining Room Wall Light Spin Wooden Lamp
Vintage ceiling lamp living room dining room wall light spin wooden lamp. The modern and rustic design made of wall mural and ceiling lamp a unique look in your living space.

Its look is perfectly completed by the mix of wood and metal elements, creating a trendy accent in your home. Due to its functional aspect, the wall lamp can perfectly be combined with different upholstery styles. In addition, the artisanal character emphasizes the individual appearance and the rustic appearance of the lamp.

So, different surfaces and treatment details make it a real one in your home! Thanks to the swivel lamp heads, you also have the possibility to customize the incidence of light.

The light source of used leppiness can be equipped with three bulbs with plug E14 dune maximum power of 40 watts. The bulbs are not included.

Lamp Type: Ceiling Lamp and Applique Material: Iron, Wood Color: Silver, Brown Rotating and Swivel Points Degree: IP20 Length x Width x Height in cm: 74x15x22.5 Sockets: 3x E14 illuminant included: No light source: max. 3x 40 Watts Power supply: 220 240V, 50 -60Hz This luminaire is suitable for energy classes: A ++ to E (on a scale of A ++ to E). The Modern and At The Same Time Rustic Design Make The Wall and Ceiling Lamp Unique Eye-Catcher in Your Living Area.

The 3-Lamp Is Made of Metal. Its Look is perfectly rounded off by the mix of wood and metal elements, creating a trendy accent in your home. Due to Their Functional Appearance, The Wall Lamp Can Be Perfectly combined with different Furnishing Styles. In Addition, The Craftsmanship Character Empasizes The Individual Appearance and the Rustic Look of the Lamp.

Thus, The Different Surfaces and Processing Details Make for A True Unique in Your Home! Due to The Swiveling Lamp Heads, You Also Have The Opportunity to Customize The Light Incidence. THE LIGHT SOURCE IN THE USED-LOOK CAN BE EQUIPPED WITH THREE BULBS WITH THE E14 SOCKET UP TO A MAXIMUM OF 40 WATTS. The bulbs are not included.

LAMP Type: Ceiling and Wall Lamp Material: Iron, Wood Color: Silver, Brown Rotating and Swiveling Spots Degree of Protection: IP20 Length X Width X Height in CM: 74x15x22.5 Sockets: 3x E14 Illuminant Included: NO Power Light Source: Max . 3x 40 Watts Power Supply: 220 -240V, 50 -60Hz This Luminaire is Suitable for Bulbs of the Energy Classes: a ++ to e (ON A SCALE FROM A ++ TO E). If you have any questions about our products or the purchase process, please do not hesitate to contact us before placing your order.

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  1. Marke: leuchtendirekt <\/ li>
  2. Produktart: Decken- und Wandleuchte <\/ Li>
  3. Herstelnummer: 11983-77 <\/ Li>
  4. zimmer: arbeitszimmer <\/ li>
  5. Farbe: Braun, Silber <\/ li>
  6. stil: modern <\/ li>
  7. DesignKlassiker: Aktuals Design <\/ Li>
  8. Material: Eisen <\/ Li>
  9. maße: länge x breat x höhe in cm 74x15x22,5 <\/ li>
  10. alter: 2000 bis jetzt <\/ li>
  11. Brand: - Without brand / generic - <\/ li>
  12. Type: lamp <\/ li>
  13. ean: 4043689957391 <\/ li>
  14. Part Number Manufacturer: 11983-77 <\/ li> <\/ ul>
    Vintage Ceiling Lamp Living Room Dining Room Wall Light Spin Wooden Lamp   Vintage Ceiling Lamp Living Room Dining Room Wall Light Spin Wooden Lamp