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Retriever Dogs Glass Lamp Table Lamp Signed Antique Art Nouveau Artdeco

Retriever Dogs Glass Lamp Table Lamp Signed Antique Art Nouveau Artdeco
Retriever Dogs Glass Lamp Table Lamp Signed Antique Art Nouveau Artdeco

Retriever Dogs Glass Lamp Table Lamp Signed Antique Art Nouveau Artdeco  Retriever Dogs Glass Lamp Table Lamp Signed Antique Art Nouveau Artdeco
Retriever dogs glass table lamp signed antique lamp artdeco new art? This product page has been automatically translated. If you have questions, feel free to contact us. Retriever dogs lamp glass table lamp antique artdeco signed new art? You are bidding on the property. Unique beautiful art glass heavy wrought iron table lamp table lamp blown with dogs golden retriever engraved and signé'harder.

Art glass art of wrought iron art iron light light sculpture art. Lamp bird lamp bird lamp art deco lamp art deco lamp art nouveau lamp art nouveau table lamp table lamp living room lamp living room desk lamp desk lamp lamp bed reading lamp bed lamp reading lamp lamp light lamp glass lamp glass wrought iron lamp wrought iron lamp iron lamp iron lamp iron lamp sculpture lamp sculpture sculpture applies. Newly electrified with old old bulbs dimmable or modern energy saving lamps.

2x = 1 pair available (1x 1x with birds and with dogs) - You are bidding on 1 pcs. Ancient craft beautifully designed - handmade. Decorated with many beautiful ornaments / decorations / embellishments / decorations. For collection & Decoration Garden Park.

Castle Chapel of the Castle Church. Dining room dining room dining room dining room living room office commercial exhibition room. Candlestick / candle / candle chandelier / lamp suspended / hanging lamp / chandelier cart / lamp hall / lobby chandelier / lamp hall / lobby ceiling. Ceiling / sheen / candlestick / candlestick / candle / gold luster / sheen gold / gold lamp / crystal chandelier / crystal lamp / crystal chandelier /.

Luster / castle chandelier / lamp castle. / Castle furniture / furnishings castle / chateau. Luster castle / chateau lamp /. Furniture castle / chateau furniture / Königs. Luster royal / light royal /.

Royal / Royal Institution / palace furniture. Luster / palace chandelier / Palace lamp. / Palace furniture / furnishings Palace /.

Luster Brass / brass chandelier / brass lamp. Brass Furniture / furniture brass / bronze chandelier / bronze chandelier / lamp brass / bronze furniture / furniture / bronze chandelier Baroque /. Baroque furniture / gothic chandelier /.

Furniture Gothic / Renaissance chandelier /. Furniture Renaissance / luster historicism /. Installation of historicism / luster Wilhelmian /. / Wilhelminian style furniture / art nouveau chandelier / art nouveau chandelier / lamp art nouveau / art nouveau furniture / chandelier art deco / art deco chandelier / lamp art deco / art deco furniture / art deco furniture. Gothic / Renaissance / Baroque / Rococo /.

Louis xv xvi enter / Philippe louis / historicism / Wilhelminian style. / Art Nouveau / Art Deco. The last century or more. Good original condition see many detailed pictures.

We would be happy to send you many detailed photos. Other fixtures, sconces, table lamps and floor lamps. Household goods and antiques available. Will be happy to send you many detailed photos.

Ceiling lamps, wall, table and floor. Household and antique items available. If you wish to obtain copies of the assessment of the value of the household insurance policy values ​​of the notarized purchase agreement of the majestic property of 44 rooms dating back over 30 years, all these elements were proven complete, the title and the abstract of title, the owner will send you all the love world.

Please do not bid if you have not read and understood the description of this article. International Bidders: Please do not bid if you do not fully understand German and if you do not understand completely the description of this article many other stories of the last century to 500 years and other household items typical lock high quality are for sale. After more than 30 years of well proven property the owner abandons the typical household items of high quality castle, due to the successful sale of the property and move to a much smaller house from his old heritage listed building. Majestic German Property 44 rooms 300 years.

Please look at the item you want before your offer, that is to say, before buying from the owner to the location of the article. Several items are much cheaper. Free Collection at the current location of the article ibiza / spain. In this case, transport costs are halved. Packaging small goods are packaged complex and securely with bubble wrap and large goods are packed in moving blankets and a special shipping box is custom-made for articles particularly high quality.

I ask you specifically desired item before bidding. Before buying be examined in detail by the owner to the location of the article. For short-term gathering at the location of the item, the purchase price shall only be paid in cash before moving. If subsequent collection, a deposit of 20% must be paid immediately for purchase by secure bank transfer. Each buyer can send a freight / shipping company of confidence for the collection and payment. If the owner wishes to be shipped, a bank transfer directly to the owner, which can be proven to be the sole owner, is a matter absolutely safe, fast and free for over 30 years. On request, the owner will send copies of the notarized purchase agreement of the historic German stately home with 44 rooms, purchased in 1983, 300-page assessment report by two sworn experts in antiques, insurance policy for more than 30 years in this typical and serious castle. Household Tips, deed and abstract of title. All in the name of the owner, of course. Almost no one else offers more security in the world. All telephone numbers of the German special transportation agency mandated incl. Also a copy of the receipt of the goods signed by the special shipping company and freight charges paid in advance. Basically, the owner sells typical household items of high quality from 30 years of ownership to the best of his knowledge without embellishing anything or communicate something he does not know 100%. However, since it is not specifically an antiques expert, he can not give himself any technical information on the condition and age. For this reason, please come before bidding before buying - you are cordially invited - and examine yourself the item you want, especially for signs of wear / damage, and if you can not come, please carefully consider all the detailed photos. The owner will be happy to make you a lot of other new detailed pictures and send them to you.

Obviously most of the items are in original old because most articles belong to the owner for more than 30 years old and were with the German application. Property stately 300-year 44 pieces purchased in 1983, there are more than 30 years. It not only old assessments, but also 2000 pictures on paper (there was no digital photos at the time) and the old photos on paper, as was the custom at the time, month and year, eg in December. 1983 and an extensive photographic documentation of the historic former German listed approx. A stately property of 44 300 rooms, bought it in 1983, see photos below.

You will find each of its 1,000 items of his household items typical high quality lock, that is to say where they were there more than 30 years. In the 300-page report assessment written by two German experts sworn to antiques, 1,000 items are described only briefly, that is to say without accurate information about their condition and their age. Only sometimes from what century, for example, 18. Many objects have been restored in the past, but that was before the possession of the current owner, is there more than 30 years. Since most items are used by the owner for over 30 years, they of course also use or age appropriate wear. Therefore, each item explicitly need to be restored with no guarantee, especially with regard to its age and condition. The indicated price is a final price plus shipping.

Repeal see under general terms and conditions. I am a registered business agent and I can treat your articles.

E b a y - fees of any kind are evident not elevated and by me! List your items fast and easy and manage your active offers. You are bidding on the following property: 33x45x33cm dimensions on all (WxHxD) makes a wonderful light beautifully designed ancient craft - made hand dimensions: 33x45cm very good original condition see many pictures of detail castle and antique household items available. The item \The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following countries: European Union.

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    Retriever Dogs Glass Lamp Table Lamp Signed Antique Art Nouveau Artdeco  Retriever Dogs Glass Lamp Table Lamp Signed Antique Art Nouveau Artdeco